Wolf Legend slot for real money by Dragoon Soft

Slot Plot

This time, we will be introducing a slot that allows players to meet with a lot of animals. During the game, the player will have to communicate with representatives of wild fauna and get to know the history of their relationships. We think it will be interesting to play the Wolf Legend slots for real money. Moreover, the slot is pleasant and allows you to win.

The slot appeared in the catalogues of online casinos in 2019. The developers at Dragoon Soft have created an exciting game that is based on a simple plot. The plot is really uncomplicated. Different animals appear on the reels, each of them having its own value. All the beasts are headed by a wolf, which is a legendary symbol. Compared to other real money slot machines, the design of the slot looks interesting. On the screen, there is a mountain on which the reels are located. The symbols are ordinary and simple. There are ice playing cards and images of animals.

The game controls are not difficult. All options are at a reach, and special tabs contain information about the amount of payments. An original melody and special graphics effects give liveliness to the gameplay. In a word, it will be an exciting adventure if you decide to play this slot.


Main features of the Wolf Legend slot

The Wolf Legend slot machine impresses the player beyond its design. Its game parameters are also interesting and allow you to win. We cannot say that the characteristics of the slot are outstanding and differ from the parameters of other real slots for real money, but it is worth paying attention to them:

  • 5 reels;
  • 4 rows;
  • 50 lines;
  • the probability of a random win – 33%;
  • the minimum bet in the game – 0.5 coin;
  • the maximum bet – 100 coins;
  • RTP – 94.6%;
  • medium volatility (dispersion), 8.22 of 20;
  • medium gameplay loop;
  • no jackpot;
  • user rating 4/5.

As you can see, everything looks unpretentious and without any special features. Also, this slot machine has a demo version, so you can play it for free. The developers have added a mobile version of the slot, so you can have fun and earn money both on the PC and smartphone platforms (as on other real money slot machines). Its software was created on the basis of JS and HTML5 technologies.

Main winning combinations of the slot

The symbols in the game are common. There is a group of animals that compete in their generosity. The set of symbols also has playing cards, which bring some diversity.

Symbols 2 3 4 5
9, 10 5 10 50
J, Q 5 15 50
K, A 5 20 75
Moose, Owl 10 35 100
Lynx, Bear 20 50 150
Wolf 10 30 100 250

The wild symbol is a white wolf. It replaces missing symbols in combinations. The scatter is responsible for bonus spins — it is a red moon against the background of mountains. On this slot machine, the winning situation is about the same as on other real slots for real money from provider Dragon Soft: winning is not very often and not very generous. The maximum win is only 250 coins in the base game. The bonus rounds are another kettle of fish. The lucky ones can earn 750 thousand coins there.

Conclusion about the Wolf Legend slot

At this juncture, we cannot categorically say that this slot machine is impressive! It might be boring to someone, and yet interesting to another. If you arm yourself with patience and play the Wolf Legend slots for real money in pursuit of a big prize, you may have to wait quite a long time. Nevertheless, we wish you good luck!

May 2024
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