What are wagering requirements in Online casinos?

Wagering-Requirement in Online Casinos

If you have ever played an online casino game, slot, poker game, bingo game, or any other casino game then you are familiar with the term wagering requirement. A wager is an alternate word for a bet, placed during playing online casino games.

When you get a bonus from an online casino, the money you get is in form of a bonus as opposed to real cash. On the other hand, when you get your hands on free spins or any other payouts (winnings), they are also paid in bonus money. The bonus money is generally kept in an alternate wallet and there are wagering requirements attached to it.

It is impossible to withdraw your bonus money except agreeing to terms attached to the bonus money. The 99 percent of those terms include wagering requirements before you can make a cash withdrawal. Many new players face difficulties comprehending those requirements.

A wagering obligation is the sum of money which is usually a multiple of the bonus winnings or bonus amount that a player must have to wager before being eligible to make a cash withdrawal. For example, you won a bonus amount of 100 euros and its wagering requirement is 20x of the total bonus. It means you need to wager 100 euros twenty times in order to withdraw your cash.

The bonus money will be converted to real money after you complete the wagering requirements. Failing to comply with these requirements means you cannot convert your bonus money into real money for withdrawal and it will be forfeited.

To get your wagering requirements down you need to bet your money on casino games. Playing slots is the best possible way to do so, whilst you can also wager on table games such as video pokers but usually, those are counted less as compared to slots. Most of the time progressive jackpot slot does not count in the wagering requirements.

Why the casino carries wagering requirements?

In general, the bonus money is the money given by casinos but they won’t let you go with their money without any strings attached. So, in order to make that bonus money which is in actual casino money; you have to wager the multiple of that bonus money or in some case your deposit money. Only after that, you will be able to claim that amount and be considered eligible to withdrawal it as real cash money. Wagering requirements are placed so that you are forced to spend that amount on the casino and win something out of it because the casinos will not let you run away with the money that was given to you in good faith.

June 2024
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