The Jingle Wins Promotion is here!

Once again, Frank Casino is here with a special festive season offer called the “Booongo: Jingle Wins” promotion. Generally, the period from the late part of November to the early part of January is known as the Christmas season or the holidays. Now that we are at the beginning of the 2021 Christmas season, it is a good and profitable thing to participate in the tournaments of the Jingle Wins promotion at Frank Casino.



Date and Time

The Jingle Wins promotion will run at Frank Casino from the 2nd of December 2021 until the 11th of December 2021. All interested participants are to use the coordinated universal time (UTC) zone, 0:00 to 23:00, from the start to the end of this promotion.

Prize Pool and Places

The total prize pool for this promotion is €50,000 (or its currency equivalent in the player’s location). This amount is a combination of several pools which are based on the following structure:

  • 5 Regular Tournaments – – – €8,000 each – – – €40,000 altogether;
  • 1 Series Leaderboard – – – €10,000

The number of places created for winners at the end of this promotion is 100 in all.

Participating Games

Players are to play any of the following participating games to be eligible to participate in this promotional offer: Magic Apple, Sun of Egypt, Dragon Pearls, 3 Coins, Wolf Night, Scarab Temple, Golden Dancing Lion, Candy Boom, Gold Express, Lord Fortune 2, Sun of Egypt 2, Hit the Gold, 15 Dragon Pearls, Aztec Sun, and Tiger Jungle.

Terms and Conditions

Please take note of the following important terms and conditions of the upcoming Jingle Wins promotion at Frank Casino:

  1. This is a promotional offer reserved for only registered players at Frank Casino.
  2. Players are to place bets in the participating games to gain points and compete for the top places on the leaderboard.
  3. The minimum bet in this promotion is €0.50.
  4. The minimum number of spins a player can make is 50.
  5. After a player passes the qualification stage, all points earned during the qualification stage are kept and considered for the player. Non-qualified players appear on the Leaderboard as well, although they are marked in grey until they meet the requirements.
  6. The Regular Tournaments’ Prize Pool (€8000 in total for each tournament) and places will be distributed to the winners as shown below:
  • 1st —        €1000;
  • 2nd —        €800;
  • 3rd —        €600;
  • 4th —        €500;
  • 5th —        €300;
  • 6th-10th —        €200;
  • 11th-15th —        €100;
  • 16th-30th —        €70;
  • 31st-50th —        €50;
  • 51st-100th —        €25.
  1. The Series Leaderboard Prize Pool (€10,000 in total) and places will be distributed to the winners as shown below:
  • 1st —        €1500;
  • 2nd —        €1000;
  • 3rd —        €800;
  • 4th —        €700;
  • 5th —        €500;
  • 6th-10th —        €250;
  • 11th-15th —        €125;
  • 16th-30th —        €75;
  • 31st-50th —        €50;
  • 51st-100th —        €30.
  1. The tournament scoring type or winning mechanic is as follows:
    • In the Win Race, for each winning spin with €1, players will receive one point. For instance, if a person staked a €1 total bet and won €150, the player will be awarded 150 points.
    • In the Multiplier Race, players will receive one point for each x1 multiplier in a winning spin. For example, if a player placed a €3 total bet and won €180, he or she will receive a multiplier of 180(win)/3(bet) = x60 — 60 points.
  1. The Series Extra Leaderboard scoring type or winning mechanic is simple. Players’ points for the Series Extra Leaderboard are gathered during the Tournament series. Throughout the promotion, players will get Series Extra Points depending on the rationale outlined below:
    • 1st place                      —        1000 points;
    • 2nd place                     —        500 points;
    • 3rd place                     —        250 points;
    • 4th-5th place               —        200 points;
    • 6th-10th place             —        150 points;
    • 11th-50th place           —        50 points;
    • 51st-100th place         —        30 points.
  1. The plan and structure for the 5 Regular Tournaments and the Series Leaderboard is as shown in the table below:
Tournament Scoring Type Date (Time: 0:00-23:00 UTC) Prize in EUR (€)
TNT1 Multiplier 02.12.2021 – 03.12.2021 8,000
TNT2 Win Race 04.12.2021 – 05.12.2021 8,000
TNT3 Multiplier 06.12.2021 – 07.12.2021 8,000
TNT4 Win Race 08.12.2021 – 09.12.2021 8,000
TNT5 Multiplier 10.12.2021 – 11.12.2021 8,000
Series Leaderboard 02.12.2021 – 11.12.2021 10,000
  1. A player will receive 200 points for passing qualification in each Regular TNT. In addition, for every €100 bet during Regular TNT, a player will receive one point.
  2. Prizes will be paid out automatically to winners who will get a Win Pop-up once the Tournament is completed and final results are displayed on the Leaderboard. The time limit for payment is 72 hours maximum.

The Jingle Wins promotion promises to be exciting, profitable, and worth celebrating. Visit Frank Casino and take part in this promotion to start your 2021 end-of-year holidays in a grand style. We wish you a happy and lucky time playing and winning real money on your favourite games in the participating games.

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