Unlock a Special Reward in the Status System at Frank Casino

Have you heard of “Franks” (FR) in the world of online casino? What about a “Station”? Well, if you have no idea or would like to know more about them, we are glad to inform you about these terms as we welcome you to the Status System at Frank Casino. We believe you would love it!

A station refers to a status at Frank Casino. You have to make bets to earn special points called Franks (FR), and the more FRs you earn, the higher your station. Furthermore, every new station you earn unlocks a special reward. This is very interesting, right? However, there are terms and conditions, but they are nothing to worry about.

Special Reward in the Status System


Terms and conditions of the Status System at Frank Casino

  1. All registered accounts are eligible for the status system, and membership is free of charge.
  2. The bets you make for real money will determine your station. For instance, you get 1 Frank (FR) for every €100 bet.
  3. Your FRs get accumulated when you make bets in games that are from any of the following categories:
    • Slots – 100% of your bet counts towards the FR accumulation.
    • Live Casino – 10% of your bet counts towards the FR accumulation. (FRs are not credited if your bet is equal to your win and your win doubles the bet).
    • Tables – 10% of your bet counts towards the FR accumulation (FRs are not credited if your bet is equal to your win and your win doubles the bet).
    • Jackpots – 0% of your bet counts towards the FR accumulation.
    • Video pokers – 0% of your bet counts towards the FR accumulation.
    • Others – 0% of your bet counts towards the FR accumulation.
  1. You will get rewards for every new station you reach. Free Spins, Bonus Cash, Double Franks or a combination of bonuses are examples of what could be your reward. Upon the attainment of a new station, you get all prizes automatically available to you in your personal account. While general bonus terms and conditions must be observed, what do these rewards mean?
    • Free Spins – These are awarded to players when they play slots, including real slots for real money, to serve as incentives or gifts during promotions. All winnings received during the Free Spins round will be accredited to the player’s account.
    • Bonus Cash – This is an extra fund for playing games in the casino. It is credited without any deposit requirement.
    • Double Franks – This is a bonus that allows you to accumulate FRs twice as fast.
  1. On the first day of a new month, players will receive cashback bonuses if they reached Station 3 or higher in the previous month.
  2. The cashback bonus comes in percentages. The percentage of cashback bonus in a new month depends on the station that the player reached during the previous month.
  3. The maximum cashback amount for stations reached are as follows:
    • Station 3-11 ……….  €1000
    • Station 12-17 ……… €1500
    • Station 18-23 ……… €2000
    • Station 24 ………….. €2500
    • Station 25 ………….. €3000
  1. To receive a cashback, the number of funds lost during gameplay should equal at least €1,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies). The cashback amount is calculated in this way: the overall monthly withdrawal amount, the player’s current balance, and the number of monthly open bets in sports are deducted from the overall monthly deposit amount.
  2. All Free Spins, cashback, and cash prizes are made available with a wagering requirement. In other words, rewards are subject to a wagering requirement before being eligible for withdrawal. Below are the stations and their respective wagers:
    • Station 1-3 ………….. x20
    • Station 4-7 ………….. x15
    • Station 8-11 …………. x10
    • Station 12-15 ……….. x7
    • Station 16-20 ……….. x5
    • Station 21-25 ……….. x3
  1. A player’s FR and station are reset at 00:00 UTC every 1st day of a new month.
  2. FRs are credited as 1 Frank for each bet of €100 (or an equivalent in other currencies).
  3. Only bets made with real money will contribute to your station in the status system.
  4. Membership and benefits that players receive are provided at the sole discretion of the Status System at Frank Casino.
  5. Participation in the Frank Casino Status System is subject to the terms, conditions and regulations of the promotion. The Casino reserves the right to modify, add or delete these bonus and reward terms and conditions. All players are always bound by these terms and conditions. So, it is highly recommended to frequently read these terms and conditions to know whether any amendment has been made.
  6. Any abuse of the Frank Casino status system or failure to follow the Bonus and Reward Terms may result in the termination of your membership and forfeiture of all rewards accrued. Any fraudulent betting activity in an attempt to receive rewards without real money involved will result in the forfeiture of associated rewards.

Having informed you about FR, stations, and the terms and conditions of the Status System at Frank Casino, we urge you to try it and enjoy all of the benefits attached.

May 2024
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