Skrill sign up

Sign up for a Skrill account and use the e-wallet on profitable terms!

You need:

  • to register an account following this link;
  • to join our loyalty program;
  • to confirm your email;
  • to enable 2 Factor Authentication.


The whole signing up and verification process in the Skrill payment system is very easy and clear for every casino player. You can register an account in a few steps and prepare the necessary documents for the full verification of your Skrill e-wallet:

  1. Sign up to Skrill using this link;
  2. Fill out and send an application to join our loyalty program;
  3. Confirm your email address;
  4. Set up two-step authentication (to enhance your wallet’s security).

How to register an account at the Skrill payment system?

Note: Before registering the e-wallet, it is very important to clear up your browser cache and cookies to allow smooth joining of our loyalty program.

1. Account Information

As mentioned above, to become our program participant you need to follow this link and start the registration process. Use your actual email address and create a strong password that will protect your account from hackers.

2. Personal information

Enter your personal data – name and surname, country, full date of birth (for only persons not below 18 years old). All data must be in Latin characters as indicated on the bank statement or debit/credit card.

3. Address

Enter your address in Latin characters (transliteration) which you can confirm with any documents. Enter your city, postal code and go to the next point.

4. Currency

Select the main currency for your account (which you will use mainly for transactions, deposits and so on). We can advise you to open an account in euro. All transactions at this payment system are made in this currency and it is simple and profitable to create a wallet in euro. You can get a premium status and create a second account in another currency.

Tick the box “I am not a robot” (it is for spam protection and so on) and the second one for confirmation of receiving promotional information and news from Skrill (via email). Click “Create an account”.

5. PIN code or 2 Factor Authentication

You have successfully created your new account. Now you need to secure it by choosing one of these two ways – create a 6-character PIN code or set up the two-step authentication. For a start, you can create your PIN code; we will provide you the details on two-step authentication later.

6. Email confirmation

Now you need to confirm your email address and complete the account registration process. Go to «Settings», select the «Personal Information» tab and click «Verify» near your e-mail. Open your email, find the message from Skrill and confirm the address (follow the link or click on the button). If you haven’t found the confirmation email, check the spam folder.

Once the account is registered, send your application to join our loyalty program and pass the verification process to get all the advantages of using a Skrill account with VipCasinoPay.

How to enable the two-step authentication for Skrill account?

After registering your account at the Skrill payment system, you have to secure it (and your finance) to prevent any attack from a hacker. The two-step authentication will solve this problem. So, you need:

  1. To go to the «Settings» tab, then choose «Security». Find «2 Factor Authentication» → «Manage» → «Turn on Authentication».
  2. Then you have to download and install, on your mobile phone, the Google Authenticator App. You can add your Skrill e-wallet to this app in two ways. The first – you can scan the QR barcode displayed on your computer’s screen in your Skrill account and enter the special code (randomly generated by the app) into the field provided. If it is impossible to scan the code, you can set up your device manually. Enter the one-time key provided by Skrill instead of QR barcode while linking your account. After linking your Skrill account, you will see how the application generates the codes. There is no need to memorize or write them down. Only use the new one generated by the app every time you enter or sign in to your Skrill account.
  3. Skrill will also generate the new recovery codes for signing in to your account in any case of losing your phone. This time around, you will have to keep them by writing them down to protect yourself from unpleasant situations. Each code is for one-time use.

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