Skrill account verification

Skrill verification with VipCasinoPay!

  • Verification is done on a fast and priority basis;
  • There is no entry fee;
  • Our clients receive qualified support.


Account verification is the simple way to confirm your personal data (identity, address and account ownership) at the Skrill payment system. It is a required process for the full use and security of your Skrill e-wallet.

All our loyalty program participants:

  • pass a full account verification on a fast and priority mode;
  • pay no entry fee to start the account verification;
  • resolve issues regarding verification or payment methods with our experienced managers.

There are three ways to pass the verification process at the Skrill payment system:

  • by uploading your documents to the Skrill account
  • by Facebook (partial verification)
  • by the Skrill mobile app

You asked: which way is the best for us and (the main thing) the most optimal for documents confirmation?

To pass the full verification process, participants in our loyalty program send all their documents from their Skrill accounts, carefully paying attention to the requirements as stated below.

1) For identity verification, you need to send one of these documents (to choose any):

  • passport (with current data and photo)
  • ID card (both sides)
  • foreign passport – the first two pages
  • driving license (both sides)

2) For address verification, you need to provide the following document (to choose any):

  • document identifying your registered address (from passport);
  • your utility bill (provided that your name and address in the bill are the same as that registered in your Skrill account);
  • ​a copy of your bank statement (customer’s profile);
  • or any other document that contains your currently address and full name. It should be issued, signed and stamped by a state, banking or financial institution.

3) And the last point – the confirmation of Skrill account ownership. You need to confirm that you are the owner of the Skrill account.

To pass this step, you need to take a selfie with your ID, driving licence or passport with the photo page and upload it into your account. The document must be clearly seen and readable, not covered by your fingers, etc.

The requirements for the documents which you have to present are as follows:

  • They must be the coloured photos or scanned copies of documents; clearly seen and readable.
  • The documents confirming your address must have been issued within the last 90 days before the uploading date for the verifying process.
  • The “selfie” must be of good quality, the inscriptions – readable and clear.
  • The size of all photos must not exceed 5Mb. The photos format – .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png or .pdf. The “selfie” should be in either of these two formats – .png or .jpg.
  • Any photo-processing by an image or photo editor is prohibited. It could lead to verification failure.

So, after the account registration, submit an application to join our loyalty program. Next, follow the steps below to the main stage:

Step 1. Enter your Skrill e-wallet, go to «Settings», select the «Verify» option from the drop-down box and click on «Verify Now». Select the verification method: in our case, go straight to the option «Upload Images» ignoring any warning about this being a slow method.


Step 2. Now get to the identity verification stage. Select from the menu the type of document which you wish to provide and the country where it was issued. Upload the right photo from your computer and go to the next point.

Step 3. At this step you have to confirm the account ownership. To do so (as already mentioned above), you need to take a photo of your face through your PC or mobile camera.

Step 4. For address verification, you need to select (from a dropdown menu) the kind of document you want to send. Choosing it upload the appropriate photo from the computer after clicking on the «Upload ready images» button.

The verification process with VipCasinoPay is given priority and won’t take long.

For this, don’t forget (after account registration) to send an application to join our program (by filling out and sending us the form in the section below). Afterwards, check your email to find the confirmation letter for participation in our loyalty program!

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