Shop at Wazamba Casino

Did you know that there is a reputable online casino you can visit to play your favourite games, make big wins as well as shop for iGaming valuables? Although shopping is not a common feature at online casinos, it is interesting to discuss the innovative development of a shop at one of our choicest online casinos — Wazamba!

It should not come as much of a surprise to many professional and up-to-date casino players that Wazamba Casino has a Shop in addition to the already existing unique and attractive opportunities provided to its new and loyal customers. This is because this innovative leader in the iGaming industry is a renowned award-winning casino. In 2019, Wazamba was awarded the second Best New Casino by AskGamblers and later won the Innovation in Casino and Gaming Entertainment award at SBC Awards 2020. Now it is our pleasure to answer the likely questions on your mind about the Shop at Wazamba Casino.

Shop at Wazamba Casino


Where can I find the Shop at Wazamba Casino?

Locating the shop at Wazamba Casino is very easy. The link to the shop can be found on the home page of the casino’s website. And when accessed using any desktop browser, it can be found at the lower-right corner of the website.

What can I buy at the Shop at Wazamba Casino?

We would like to emphasize that this is not a regular online shop where you can browse or buy groceries, accessories, clothing, electronic gadgets and the like. Rather, it is for your online casino gaming valuables such as free spins and hero “digital masks” that are available at Wazamba Casino. In case you are wondering what the digital masks look like, have a look at the photo below or, better still, visit Wazamba Casino and explore them.

Wazamba Casino

How can I start shopping at Wazamba Casino?

Generally, a kind of currency is needed for any buying and selling activity. Similarly, you need to earn coins to shop at Wazamba Casino. Alternatively, you can choose to exchange your coins for bonus money when you are not ready to go shopping. As regards how to obtain a coin at Wazamba Casino, the methods are pretty straightforward. There are four ways, which are as shown below: i) make a deposit; ii) place a bet; iii) win in tournaments; or/and iv) earn achievements.

So the first method to earn coins for shopping at Wazamba Casino is to make a deposit. When you make a deposit using real money, you get 5% of that deposit as coins. For example, if you make a deposit of €500, you get 25 coins.

The second method is by placing a bet. You will get 1 coin when you place a bet with €1,000. Likewise, placing a bet with €3,000 will give you 3 coins. You can make your online payments and bets using profitable, secure and fast digital wallets, such as ecoPayz, Skrill and NETELLER.

The third method is by winning a tournament. Wazamba Casino offers both temporary and permanent tournaments for your entertainment and money-making experience. For example, you can participate in a Monthly Race or Top Provider tournament and win to be awarded coins.

start shopping at Wazamba Casino

Lastly, you can make a deposit that will allow you to unlock an achievement and get a special reward. Wazamba Casino has a page for achievements, where a tiny coin is awarded to individual players every time they perform a quest.

Now that you know the four methods for getting coins with which you can go shopping for free spins and masks at the Shop at Wazamba Casino, visit and explore the casino today. Ensure to make a significant deposit and maximize all the opportunities available to you at Wazamba Casino. Go and spend your hard-earned coins smartly!

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