VipCasinoPay affiliate program is a:

  • flexible model of collaborative partnership
  • monthly payments for user’s deposits
  • existing tools for increased profits
  • partnership marketing
  • personal manager support

Don’t have a website? No problem! The partnership with the VipCasinoPay may be possible without your own online platform.


Benefits of the VipCasinoPay Affiliate Program:

the partner remuneration grows as deposits from clients are attracted;
the partner receives payments without time limit before the client makes deposits to online casinos;
the partner can offer unique VipCasinoPay benefits on his own behalf;
the partner can turn to VipCasinoPay for advertising content on the site and another platforms;
VipCasinoPay provides operational technical support to partners' customers;
VipCasinoPay platform adapted to the business needs․

We propose you to choose the optimal scheme of cooperation, which will constantly increase the profits.

Volume Share

For those whosе clients group makes a lot of deposits every month. Partner’s comission depends on the turnover starting from 0,7% and rising as the volume grows. This is the perfect option for the partners having many small and medium clients.

Revenue Share

This partnership model brings a maximal profit to partners working with medium and large clients. The outpayments are credited for each clients individually. If your customers make deposits up to €10.000 per month, you will receive 20% out of Revenue Share.

How to make a maxumum profit from VipCasinoPay?

Choose the right option of partnership. VipCasinoPay offers two types of partnership program for different platforms and different collaboration options with the clinets.

Gather a loyal audience. Partners who have their own sites (sites and pages on social networks) can gather an interested audience around a common topic. To do this, it is necessary to provide information support (publish news and articles, make newsletters), offer your own bonuses and promote online casino bonuses, answer user questions and create a space for their communication. VipCasinoPay can help with all these aspects.

Motivate customers to make deposits. For increasing the volume it is necessary to use marketing and advertising tools, including related content. VipCasinoPay helps partners to prepare the texts, banners, videos. The main task is to attract and interest the user.

The more deposits, the more profit!

How to become a VipCasinoPay program participant?

  1. Complete and send an application to participate in the program.
  2. Read the terms of partnership, discuss the details and ask questions to the manager.
  3. Receive your own affiliate link.
  4. Offer our bonuses to your customers and get your Affiliate Reward.

Ready to get the high profits from online casinos? Fill out the application form below! We will contact you shortly.

June 2024
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