Online gambling trends in 2022: New Zealand’s Online Casino Market is Rapidly Rising

Today, we would like to report a trend in the online gambling industry. Our report is coming from no other country but the English-speaking nation of New Zealand. Get a glass of fruit juice and stay glued to your screen as we inform you about the rapidly rising online casino market in the land of Kiwis.

Today, nations that are rarely mentioned in matters relating to the online gambling industry trends are now making the headlines. This development can be explained by the increase in global motivations and attitudes towards online gambling. For example, the online casino market size of New Zealand has risen rapidly, according to a recent report on the global online gambling market in 2022. What could be possible explanations for this trend? We have the answers in the following text.


Kiwis love to gamble

The first and foremost explanation for the rapid rise in the online casino market in New Zealand is the fact that the people of the “Land of the Long White Cloud” love gambling. There is no place for arguments, about 80% of Kiwis love to gamble! In 2019, New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) reported that Kiwis spent approximately $2.4 billion (that is, $648 each) on gambling in 2018. Therefore, the trend has continued and even gotten stronger in this era of COVID-19 when many people have become more active online than before.

Gambling on offshore websites is legal

Whereas the provision of online gambling domestically is illegal in New Zealand, the people of this country are legally permitted to gamble on offshore websites. The main condition attached to this permission is that the foreign operators must be operating with online casino licenses from foreign jurisdictions. For this reason, New Zealanders are free to join the global trend and catch up with their peers who are enjoying the fun and profitability of the boom in the online gaming industry. If you are currently in New Zealand and would love to register with special benefits at online casinos that support the use of modern, safe, secure, fast, and profitable digital wallets for payments, we are pleased to invite you to try our ecoPayz, Skrill and NETELLER online casinos.

COVID-19 control measures pushed people online

It seems like more people have come to realize that popular myths about online casinos are not true. Arguably, public interests are beginning to shift from matters relating to whether there are any reasons why people should start playing games at online casinos to discovering pro tips on participating at online casinos. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more land casino players have joined the already increasing number of online casino players worldwide. Besides, after several closures of national borders and city lockdowns to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many gamblers, including New Zealanders, following the resultant shut down of some land-based casinos, were left with no other choice but to look for entertainment and thrills at online casinos.

New Zealanders historically love to gamble, and the online share of the modern-day entertainment industry has exploded globally. Therefore, in conclusion, following the rapid rise in the online casino market in New Zealand since last year, maybe it is time for the government of this country to legalize domestic online casino operations.

June 2024
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