7 Popular Myths about Online Casinos Debunked!

In one of our publications, we answered the question of whether online casinos are safe to play. Despite the global popularity and reassuring safety of most online casino games today, there are many widespread rumours and myths about them. These factless beliefs are spreading worldwide amongst casino players and non-gamblers. This is a serious issue and we, therefore, consider it necessary to present the following seven popular myths about online casinos and as well debunk them one after another.

7 Popular Myths

#1 – Online casinos are not legal businesses

Factually, we have seen several illegal online businesses that could not stand the test of time. Therefore, if online casinos were illegal businesses worldwide, they would not have been gaining popularity over the years. Yes, we agree that some countries do not yet have legal support for the business of online casinos. However, country-to-country legislation of this business is increasing over the years. For example, countries that have legalized online casinos and even have licences for such businesses to operate include the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Curacao, Canada, Belize, Sweden, Switzerland, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Rwanda, the Gambia to mention but a few. The world map below shows the countries that have not banned online casinos, have a requirement that local casinos must be licensed, require that all casinos (local or international) be licensed, placed a ban on the establishment of local online casinos but allows foreign ones to operate, and those that have completely banned online casinos in 2021.

7 Popular Myths about Online Casinos

Each country has its legislation and methods of regulating internet gambling. In certain countries, gambling at online casinos is neither prohibited nor permitted. It is merely allowed or awaiting proper regulation/legislation.

#2 – Online casinos snatch business from “real casinos”

Some players see offline (physical) casinos as the “real casinos” while online casinos are something else. There is no truth behind this. Besides, we see today an increasing number of physical casinos that have developed their online casinos to expand their market share. An online publication by The European Business Review on 5th February 2021 stated that there is evidence that online and offline casinos can coexist as well as complement each other. Also, many other players and stakeholders think Internet casinos have probably assisted offline casinos to develop by introducing more players into a range of games and experiences of direct gambling while serving as a means for them to enjoy the physical facilities.

#3 – Online casinos are used for money laundering

Before they are approved and/or licenced, organizations or people who operate online casinos must undergo stringent background checks. Openness is a key requirement here. Therefore, there is no proof available for this general claim.

#4 – Online casinos can be rigged and game outcomes are influenceable

Many people believe that internet casinos are rigged. They also believe that online casino administrators or owners can control the unpredictability of their games. This belief is pitiable and a show of widespread ignorance. While casinos have an advantage (called the house edge) in their games, it is entirely about the player’s luck and skills. Besides, internet casinos are monitored by third-party agencies, and cheating of their players or customers will result in the loss of their gaming license. They simply show games (slot machines, live dealer games), but they do not host them. Rather, they collaborate with game providers, such as Microgaming and Pragmatic Play. Therefore, they have no say over the outcomes of slot machines and other games. In addition, professional players know where to find the best online casinos.

#5 – Online casinos allow underaged players

All registered/licensed online casinos have a minimum age limit of 18 for players. This requirement is usually presented with an icon or image having “18+” on it. So, while an underage player may enter a casino and lose a lot of money before being found and carded, most online gambling companies have highly strict age verification systems in place to ensure that anybody who plays is of legal age. Any player whose age cannot be verified is not successfully allowed to participate in the games.

#6 – Mobile access is making online casinos more addictive than offline casinos

Addiction to anything is usually an issue of personal behaviour and habit. Yes, some people have stronger self-control over addictive things while some others do not. But this does not call for any need to blame the online or offline casinos. Multiple studies have shown that addiction to online casinos is not significantly caused by the increasing mobile access to them.

7 Popular Myths about Online Casinos Debunked!

Most gamers play within their financial and periodical limits and are not in danger of getting addicted to online casinos. Almost every online gaming site takes gambling addiction extremely seriously and provides assistance and advisory services to put playing behaviours in check.

#7 – Online casinos do not pay their players

The fact is that if online casinos do not pay their players they would not have become this popular globally. VipCasinoPay has more than 15 ecoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller online casinos for our customers’ entertainment and financial benefits. None of our customers has sent us any complaints about not being duly paid by any of our reputable online casinos. Of course, an exemption, in this case, would be any player who violated the terms and conditions for participating in the games or promotions at their chosen online casino. It is mainly for this reason that we take the responsibility on ourselves to provide you with all the terms and conditions of every tournament or promotion that we announce on our casino news website.


The discussed seven widespread beliefs about online casinos are not based on facts. They are myths and we hope that we have been able to debunk them. When you start playing online casinos, especially any of our fantastic collections of them, you will quickly realize that it is enjoyable and that by spending only small money you can have so much fun and win good money.

August 2023
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