NETELLER account verification

Remove your е-wallet’s limits, and pass the verification process with VipCasinoPay!

  • no entry fee;
  • verification on a priority basis;
  • plus high quality support.


After your full account verification, its safety will be increased and almost all limits for transactions will be removed.

So, just after your NETELLER account registration, you can start the verification process to remove your е-wallet’s limits and further secure it.

NETELLER users from VipCasinoPay pass the verification:

  • without any entry fee (as in the other payment systems);
  • on a priority and fast mode (no need to wait for 2-5 days);
  • with our support managers helping to resolve any questions arising from using the account.

It should be noted that unverified accounts have a limit – up to $2000 per year for all kinds of transactions (deposits, transfers and so on).

You can pass the verification process in several ways:

  1. Standard verification – through the NETELLER account by signing it and taking a photo of your documents using your webcam. In addition, by making a $5 deposit.
  2. With the NETELLER mobile app – by making the same deposit too and starting the verification process.
  3. With VipCasinoPay’s fast and zero dollar entry program – by becoming a participant of our loyalty program.

Correctly submitting the required documents will give you a chance to pass the verification process in 24 hours!

The process of full verification of a NETELLER account involves 3 steps:

Step 1. Identity verification. For this, you need to upload any document that formally identifies you. It should be any of: your local passport, foreign passport, driver’s license or ID card.

Step 2. Address verification. For confirmation of your current place of residence, upload a photo of documents such as your utility bill (provided that your address and full name are the same as registered in your account), your passport pages, and bank statement, or any other document issued by a state, financial or banking institution which contains the details of your registered address.

Step 3. Account ownership verification. This is a confirmation of the veracity of all provided documents belonging to the holder of the NETELLER account. You need to take a selfie according to the guide in the mobile app or browser.

Basic requirements for the documents you will provide:

Your documents, photos/copies/scans must be of good quality, easy to read, without cut corners and not covered by your fingers.
All files must not exceed 5MB in size and be in * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .bmp, * .gif, * .png or * .pdf format.
Any trace of photo editing on any document submitted could lead to verification failure, and at worst, blocking of the account.

If you still have any questions about the NETELLER account registration and verification, contact our support!

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June 2024
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