It is simple and easy to sign up for NETELLER!

  • follow this link and register an account;
  • fill out and submit the application form;
  • enable two-step Authentication.



The signing up process in NETELLER is very simple and easy! With us, you can not only quickly sign up for an account and verify it, but also get a number of account user advantages.

How to rightly create a NETELLER account and become a participant in our loyalty program?

  1. Register a NETELLER account following our link.
  2. Send an application to join our program (and check your email for a letter confirming that you have joined successfully).
  3. Enable two-step authentication of your NETELLER account (it will add an extra layer of protection for your e-wallet).

It is more profitable to use the NETELLER payment system with us!

First of all (before the registration process), to allow you to connect properly to our program, you need to clear up your browser’s cookies and cache. Otherwise, it is likely that you could be unable to join our loyalty program, even if you did create your account following our link.

Step-by-step guide for personal account  registration at the NETELLER payment system

Step 1. Account Information

Follow this link to become a registered user of the NETELLER digital wallet and get all associated benefits.

You need to fill your current (that is, actively used) email account in the form and create a unique (and, above all, strong) password. It is preferable to save these data in order to prevent any login problems. Click “Register now”.

Step 2. Country & Wallet Currency

Choose an account currency. It will be better to choose the one which is more suitable for you. But there’s one exception – the whole transaction process at NETELLER payment system is in euro. That is why we recommend you first create a primary account in euro, and after getting a VIP status, create the second account with another currency if need be. Then, click “Save”.

Step 3. Personal Details

Enter your date of birth, gender, full address and phone number (current). Now check the correctness of all details and click “Continue”.

Step 4. Secure ID

After that you will see a window with your Secure ID. You have to save it. You secure ID is asked when performing transactions or attempting to access your account from the NETELLER mobile app.

Step 5. Email Confirmation

Now you need to confirm your email address. Check your mail box, find the letter from NETELLER, click on the button “Sign in” and complete the account registration process. Now you have finished the e-wallet registration. Regular new users have to make the minimum deposit for the verification process to start. However, there is no need to do this as you have registered using our link.

Now these are your next steps:

  • send a request to join our program;
  • get a letter with the instruction on fast verifcaton.

To protect your money in the NETELLER payment system, we recommend you enable the two-step authentication. This is a very important step for your account’s security.

How to enable the two-step authentication?

  1. Download the Google Authenticator app to your mobile from AppStore (iOS) or PlayStore (Android). Click the button “Start”.
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab of your NETELLER account, then choose “Security” and follow this process: Find “2 Factor Authentication” → “Manage” → “Turn on Authentication”. The system will send to your mobile app the code you need to enter in the relevant fields.
  3. Then choose the type of phone you want to set up (Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry). You will see the settings window of Google Authenticator.
  4. Scan the QR code with the app and enter the program’s auto-generated code in the special field at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You have successfully enabled the two-step authentication for your NETELLER account. Now, on every account log in, the Google Authenticator app will generate the new code for entering.

Don’t forget to keep them generated by NETELLER. In case of losing your phone, they will help you with re-entering your account. You can generate a new recovery code in the “Security” tab in the “Settings” menu.

Fill out and submit the below form to join VipCasinoPay and get all the advantages!

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