Machine Gun Unicorn slot for real money by Genesis Gaming

Slot Plot

Machine Gun Unicorn slot for real moneyWanna deal with an exciting and new plot of the slot to spend your free time? Then play Machine Gun Unicorn slot for real money. Expectations will not deceive you. The game is really interesting, exciting and most importantly, profitable.

The slot appeared in 2015. What awaits an online casino customer when he gets acquainted with this machine? Unlike the traditional real money slot machines previously released by this company, this plot is rather new. This time the player has to deal with a unicorn and a whole army of noble little ponies who have come out to defend the planet from nasty and vile monsters: dragons, zombies and all kinds of other evil spirits flash on the drums. In short, the plot of the Machine Gun Unicorn slot is full of fantasy.

Like other real slots for real money of the traditional scheme, the slot has a regular format interface with an accessible and understandable control panel.
The gameplay is made in an original way, making it clear to the player what he will have to deal with. Design, visualization of effects and pleasant music complement the gameplay, making it comfortable and enjoyable. Along with a bright and impressive picture, the slot also has good gaming parameters. Thanks to hidden characteristics, the functionality and algorithm of this slot machine provide players with the opportunity to win.

Main features of the Machine Gun Unicorn slot

In order for the Machine Gun Unicorn slot machine to interest the player, the developers tried to endow this machine with good gaming features. Despite the fact that most real money slot machines have the same 5-3 game scheme, this slot has slightly different functionality.
The main characteristics of the machine are the following:

  • 5 reels;
  • 3 rows;
  • 10 lines;
  • the probability of an accidental win – 34%;
  • the minimum bet in the game – 0.1 coins;
  • the maximum bet – 100 coins;
  • RTP – 97.18%;
  • average volatility (variance), 6.55 out of 20;
  • average game cycle;
  • no jackpot in the game;
  • user rating 5/5.

As you can see, the gaming characteristics of the Machine Gun Unicorn machine look good. The slot, unlike other real slots for real money, allows the player to win. In addition to hidden parameters, the machine also has advanced software based on FLASH, JS and HTML5 technologies, while its update was in 2020.
Despite its decent age, the slot has a mobile version, so it is possible to play both on a PC and a mobile device.

Main winning combinations of the slot

The Machine Gun Unicorn slot machine has a special symbolism: bright pictures of unicorns alternate with villains. As you can see from the table, the player in this game will have very exotic symbols and pictures. There are dragons, unicorns and, finally, fancy heads in glass jars. When you play real slots for real money, in order to better navigate the winning combinations and understand the amount of payments, check out the table.

Symbols 3 4 5
Yellow Unicorn 2 4 9
Green Unicorn 2 5 11
Pink Unicorn 3 6 13
Purple Unicorn 3 7 15
Head in a jar with a blue lid 5 16 50
Head in a jar with a green lid 5 18 75
Head in a jar with a red lid 5 20 100

As for special characters, there are not many of them on the Machine Gun Unicorn slot. The golden unicorn plays the role of the wild symbol. But mind that the player won’t get payouts from it, however, its presence in the row and in the line has a good effect on the value of the combination. Compared to other real money slot machines, the scatter and the wild symbol are the same picture in this slot. The golden unicorn does not bring any payments, however, it triggers bonus spins. Here, like on other common five-reels real slots for real money, winnings can be obtained during the main game. The hairy zombie in five copies gives the player a win multiplied by a factor of 100. The maximum win is 10,000 coins. During bonus spins, the chances of winning a larger prize increase.

Conclusion about the Machine Gun Unicorn slot

Pay attention that this slot machine is not suitable for making lots of money. It’s best to play Machine Gun Unicorn slot for real money just for fun. The gameplay is exciting, and regular small payments encourage the player to keep playing.

June 2024
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