July Jackpot Network Promotion (Microgaming) at Mr Bit Casino

At age 6, Tim was asked to tell the meaning of a “Jackpot.” He responded confidently, saying, “My dog’s pot.” That was a funny response from the little boy, right? Well, his dog was named Jack, so he put together the two sounds he could hear from one English word and came up with a smart, but incorrect, response to the question. Be that as it may, we presume that, unlike this little boy, all online casino players know what a jackpot means.

Today, we neither want to entertain nor bore you with the story of Tim, his dog and his dog’s pot. Instead, we are pleased to inform you about the July Jackpot Network Promotion (Microgaming) at Mr Bit Casino. This is a fantastic July Jackpot promo with a prize pool of €250,000 to be shared by fortunate participants! Hello! Can you hear this promotion calling? You can’t afford to miss this call. So, it’s time to participate in this promotional offer from some of the big names in the world of online casinos.

July Jackpot Network Promotion


Prize Pool and Promo Rule

The total prize pool for the July Jackpot Network Promotion at Mr Bit Casino is €250,000. This sum will be shared amongst 1,060 fortunate online casino players. How to participate? Very simple: in the qualifying games, place €10 wagers without a minimum stake and get points, and you may emerge as the top winner on the list.

Date and Time

You stand a better chance of winning one of the €10,000 prizes for the top-ten players if you collect more tickets between June 24th 00:00 UK time and July 4th 23:59 UK time, 2021.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To enter and participate in this promotion, participants must put wagers in the qualifying games within the tournament time and will be rewarded points for their efforts. A player receives one ticket for every €10 real money bet (or cash equivalent).
  2. The maximum limit on tickets is 100 per player, across the games.
  3. During the prize draw, the winners will be chosen at random. The more points the players get, the more likely they are to be chosen and win a reward. The number of prize places and prizes are as follows: 
    1. 10 — €10,000 
    2. 50 — €1000 
    3. 1000 — €100
  4. There is no minimum or maximum bet required in the July Jackpot Network Promotion.
  5. Prizes do not have any wagering requirements and they can be readily withdrawn.
  6. The prize draw will take place on Monday 5th July 2021.

At this juncture, we strongly recommend that you participate in the July Jackpot Network Promotion (Microgaming) at Mr Bit Casino and prepare for a celebration of financial triumph in the month of July.

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