Jellyfish Flow slot for real money by Habanero

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Jellyfish Flow slot for real money

Wanna get maximum benefits from dealing with the slot machine? Why not play the Jellyfish Flow slot for real money from the Habanero provider? The software was released in 2020, so not everyone has likely gotten to know this machine yet.

The storyline describes the underwater world. The elements of diving and travel through the underwater kingdom are not often used in slot machines. However, in this case, thanks to the gorgeous graphics and excellent visualization, the software attracts the attention of numerous players. A cool interface, beautiful symbols, and design together with unique game characteristics make this slot machine stand out from other real money slot machines.

A distinguishing feature of this slot is its game scheme. The longer you play the Jellyfish Flow slot, the more excitement and desire to win. The reason is that with each subsequent round, the number of ways to win is rapidly increasing. At first glance, a simple game turns out to be interesting and, most importantly, profitable entertainment. In comparison with other real slots for real money of the last generation, the Jellyfish Flow slot machine has high gaming parameters. What is so secret and unique about this slot?

Main features of the Jellyfish Flow slot

The most interesting thing about the Jellyfish Flow slot machine is not a bright and colorful interface. It will be interesting to take a look at the main characteristics of the slot, which differ from similar real money slot machines produced by other providers. The slot has the following characteristics:

  • 3 reels;
  • 3 rows;
  • 27 active lines;
  • the probability of an accidental win – 35%;
  • the minimum bet – 0.15 coin;
  • the maximum bet – 3000 coins;
  • RTP – 96.69%;
  • high volatility (variance), 12.75 out of 20;
  • average game cycle;
  • no progressive jackpot;
  • user rating 4/5.

Similar to real slots for real money that have appeared on the market in the last two or three years, this slot machine has a mobile version. Thus it is possible to play on a PC-based and from a mobile device. The software product is designed using JS and HTML5 technologies.

Main winning combinations of the slot

The set of symbols that you have to deal with while playing this slot machine is also interesting. If you play slots for real money, then it is necessary to deal with a wide variety of symbols. In this case, there are no card symbols, no other marine paraphernalia, or animals. The whole gameplay takes place around four multi-colored jellyfish. Each jellyfish has its own denomination.

The payouts for winning combinations are shown in the table:

Symbols 3 4 5 6 7
Blue Medusa 600 1000 5000 8000 10000
Green Medusa 1000 1400 8000 12000 18000
Red Medusa 1400 2400 10000 18000 24000
Yellow Medusa, Medusa (Wild) 6000 10000 14000 24000 50000

The Medusa plays the role of the wild symbol in this game. Its appearance on all 7 spinning reels will bring the player a big win. At the same time, there is no scatter in the game. The number of reels and activated lines increases depending on the size of the bets and the appearance of successful combinations.

The biggest wins in most real slots real money come from bonus rounds. On the Jellyfish Flow slot machine, it is possible to get big wins in the main game. The size of the bets is important since the maximum payouts are possible with large bets. The maximum bet is multiplied by a multiplier of 32416. In each subsequent spin, you can get the right to take part in the jackpot drawing.

Conclusion about the Jellyfish Flow slot

Comparing this slot machine with other real money slot machines, it would be necessary to note that the slot is more designed for entertainment. It is recommended to play with small bets, since you will have to wait a long time for frequent payments, and the chances of winning a large prize are not so great.

Nevertheless, if you decide to play the Jellyfish Flow slot for real money, you won’t regret it. But mind that big bets will quickly bankrupt your account. It’s not worth chasing the maximum winnings and the jackpot. Play and have fun!

June 2024
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