Experience Booongo’s 7 Thrills Tournament at Boaboa Casino

Paraphrasing a famous quote by bestselling author Gina Greenlee, everyone defines adventure in their own way. To a student, it could be returning to school. To a sportsman, it could be skydiving or training for a marathon. While to a lover, it could be ending an unsatisfying relationship and starting a new one. Now, what is your definition of adventure? Whichever way you define an adventure, Gina encourages everyone to go ahead and get their thrill on.

The best adventure for a professional online casino player is a tournament that can boost their mood and thrill them with great entertainment and big winnings. Boaboa Casino has brought a one-week online adventure that will expose you to a lot of casino action and leave you thrilled up to seven times this January. We are using this medium to inform you about the 7 Thrills tournament run by Boaboa in collaboration with the software provider Booongo.



Date and Time

This week is going to be a busy one at Boaboa Casino! The 7 Thrills tournament is a promotion that will last for seven consecutive days. It started on Monday, 17th January 2022, and will end on Sunday, 23rd January 2022. Each day, it will begin at 00:00 UTC and end at 23:59 UTC.

Prize Pool and Places

The total prize pool for this tournament is €6,000. There are seven leaderboards for these daily tournaments (one for each day) and one final leaderboard (called the “Big Leaderboard”) that puts into consideration the player’s participation in the daily tournaments.

Now the daily winners will be given their awards according to the following places and prizes on the leaderboard for each day:

  • 1st place – – – €150
  • 2nd place – – – €100
  • 3rd place – – – €75
  • 4th place – – – €50
  • 5th place – – – €25
  • 6th to 10th place – – – €10
  • 11th to 20th place – – – €5

When the tournament ends, only the top 50 players on the Big Leaderboard will share cash prizes according to the following distribution of places and prizes:

  • 1st place – – – €400
  • 2nd place – – – €250
  • 3rd place – – – €180
  • 4th place – – – €150
  • 5th place – – – €120
  • 6th place – – – €100
  • 7th place – – – €90
  • 8th place – – – €80
  • 9th place – – – €70
  • 10th place – – – €60
  • 11th to 15th place – – – €50
  • 16th to 20th place – – – €40
  • 21st to 30th place – – – €30
  • 31st to 40th place – – – €15
  • 41st to 50th place – – – €10

Participating Games

As you may have already figured out, real-money slot machines released by Booongo will be the only qualifying games in the 7 Thrills tournament. However, not all of them will be participating this time around. Boaboa Casino has chosen the following slots for this tournament: Black Wolf, Book of Sun: Choice, Book of Sun Multichance, Magic Apple: Hold and Win, and Magic Ball.

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the information above, do have the following terms and conditions in mind if you are serious about becoming a prize winner at the end of this thrilling week at Boaboa Casino:

  1. Only players at some selected casinos, including Boaboa Casino, are qualified to participate in this tournament.
  2. Players must place a minimum bet of €0.50 while playing any of the participating games.
  3. The highest win ratio from a single spin is being used to determine the ranking of players on the daily leaderboard. For example, if a player stakes €2 on a qualifying game and wins €36, the player will have 36 points on the leaderboard.
  4. The points collected by a player during the daily tournaments will be used to determine the player’s ranking on the Big Leaderboard. So:
    1. A customer receives 200 points for each day that they meet the minimum qualification requirements for the tournaments (that is, at least 50 bets with a minimum stake of €0.5).
    2. Also, 1 point will be given to a player for each €100 wagered on any of the participating games being promoted through the tournament.
    3. Finally, those who will finish among the top 20 in each of the daily tournaments will earn the following points:

1st place —– 750 points

2nd place —– 500 points

3rd place —– 300 points

4th place —– 200 points

5th place —– 150 points

6th to 10th place —– 100 points

11th to 20th place —– 75 points

  1. Within 24 hours after the end of each daily tournament, winners will have their prizes credited into their accounts.
  2. All prizes will be credited as cash.
  3. There are no wagering requirements on the prizes.
  4. Customers will forfeit their prizes if they close their accounts or get self-excluded from the tournament before it ends.
  5. If any dispute should arise, the decision of Boaboa Casino is final.
  6. The general terms and conditions of Boaboa Casino apply.

Now, we would like to join Gina to encourage you to go ahead and get your thrill this January, not once, not twice, but at least five times before the end of the 7 Thrills tournament at Boaboa Casino. Ensure to have fun, play the participating games, gain as many points as you can and win a share of €6,000 at the end of this week. Do not forget to use your ecoPayz, Skill, or NETELLER digital wallets for all your bets and payments at online casinos. Good luck!

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